Mid-Month Musings

Central United Methodist Church
Mid-Month Musings July 2020
Greetings! As I write this I am listening to the ocean on my speakers and looking out my office window at my new home: The Central UMC Parsonage. Thank you for providing such a wonderful place for Chris and me to live! We are not settled in but each day I refind the things I need! Just part of the moving process.
This Mid-Month Message is a way for us to stay in touch. Sundays will have a bulletin that will come to you in a format that should appear easily on your smartphone or tablet rather than in the usual bulletin format. At that time, some announcements will be shared also. The first of the month there will be a newsletter for the month including meetings and dates. Yes, meetings will begin again but we really don’t fully know the format. Some will likely be on media in some way like Zoom or the many other ways to join together. Some will be face to face in small groups in the parsonage back yard. Some will progress to face to face in large room settings.
Attached is an article that is written by an education and discipleship pastor that is a good reminder these discussions are happening not only here but actually across the world. He writes a blog for Wordpress and has many good insights.
I look forward to working with you even though the pandemic is creating new challenges for ways to meet one another. Please remember we come to you virtually each Sunday morning. The Service remains available throughout the week and beyond so you can catch it if you are “late” for Church!
Please remember you can always catch Betty at Office@honesdaleumc.org. Note too that Betty is adding to our website regularly now, including the Sunday Service under Sermons.
As we move forward, two new addies will become part of your inbox. They are centralhonesdale@gmail.com and pastor.centralhonesdale@gmail.com. These provide additional email opportunities for me and for us.

If you contact me and I don’t respond immediately, first accept my apology and second contact me again. So much is new right now that I am certain some things are slipping by me. Your leadership here is being great at helping me find my footing but, as with any new thing, there will be a twist or a delay or two or three or ten as we begin this journey.
Thank you all for the warm welcomes I have received!
Blessings to you all!
Pastor Dianne