We focus on a variety of topics to strengthen our faith and spiritual understanding through adult Christian Education.

 Sunday School classes are held from 9:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.

Men- Bible Study - The book of Acts -  co-taught by Doug Bowman and Pastor Rob

Did you ever wonder what happened after that first Easter?   Did you ever think about why we have a church at all?  The book of Acts in our Bible describes how and why the Christian church developed after the resurrection of Jesus Christ.   In this study, we will look at the initial visions, setbacks, and miraculous growth of the “people of the way” learn what it can teach us about our own church in the 21st century.  Class takes place in the office of the education building.

Women’s Study – 1st Corinthians -  taught by Karyn Kazinski

Relationships are messy.  We can struggle to get along – especially with those who disagree with us.  Often we find ourselves divided – even as Christians.  The Apostle Paul wrote to Christians living in Corinth about these very things.  In this six week study we will explore the book of 1 Corinthians and learn how we Christians are to deal with divisions in our world.   Class held in church library.

Mixed Study – Topical Study – Not all roads- Taught by Thelma Tyler

How to live confidently and compassionately and share the way to salvation with those in your life.  This class offers assurance to those who need confidence in the Gospel and everlasting life.  Held in the Wesley Room.