Central Church is a Missional Church.

Mission Minded since 1872



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Watching the news last night ( as we all did last week) and seeing the utter devastation here in PA, we talked and decided that the PR trip should be cancelled and "we" look to do some day trips to help here. That $1200 per person would go so much further and help those in great need here in our area.
We are so sorry if we have terribly disappointed anyone. 
Donna & Tom


 We have sent teams to West Pittston after a flood, Atlantic City, NJ, after hurricane damage, and Tuscaloosa, AL for tornado relief.

There have been youth mission trips to Michigan, New Hampshire, West Virginia as well as a number of others.  We hosted a Group Workcamp right here in Honesdale in 2007.  This organization brings groups of youth into an area to do small repairs, build wheel chair ramps, etc. 

We support the local food bank, supply new backpacks already filled with necessary supplies for the local school,

and also prepare flood buckets & health kits to go into needed areas after a disaster.

Recently, we went on a Mission trip to help ease the devastation in Houston, TX,

after providing over 140 flood buckets to the area immediately after the flood.